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Salient Features of the Products

Ultrafast Optical Vibrometer
The product is based on principles of collection of optical reflection scattering orders received from the reflecting micro-spherical particle onto the optical receiver when it passes through the optical measurement volume of size 12-25 microns. Instrument has two versions, one uses macro receiver and the second receives micro receiver and causes difference between the instrument size and quality of measurement. The principle has been extended for the creation of the instrument wherein precision microsphere is used. Apart from this, the vibration signals are mechanically modified for receiving accurate information in such a way that there is less possibility of the signal being buried in the background noise. This eases and ensures the processing and accuracy of measurements.
Brochure - Optical Vibrometer

Laser Beam Scan Instrument
This instrument is also based on the same principle of working of ultrafast optical vibrometers, where precision spheres pass through the optical measurement volume which is created by a bean to be measured or a beam interference region to be measured. The instrument has advantages over other beam scan instruments present in the market as they cant detect or measure an optical interference pattern. Besides this advantage, the rotating drum type beam scan instruments do not have calculation of drum rotations to compensate for errors caused due to velocity of the drum itself and thus the present instrument has more accuracy.

Laser Instruemnt for Measurement of Surface Irregularities
The optical vibrometer has been modified and converted into the instrument for measurement of surface irregularities. An additional component has been added to the vibrating link in such a way that the small surface irregularities of micrometer size can be converted into an optical signal and distinguished from the noise signal. The auxiliary receiver current can improve the signal quality upto some level, however, as we go on increasing the same auxiliary current, the gain increases. This disadvantage has been overcome in the design phase of the instrument so that the accuracy of measurement can be improved.
Brochure - Optical SurfScan

A high speed camera system without reducing image resolution
This is a new product of its kind. Generally, during imaging of objects in motion, as we go on increasing the speed of the camera the blur effects reduce in the captured images. However as the velocity of objects goes on increasing, the speed must improve in terms of the fps value of camera. To cope up with this effect, the resolution must be reduced significantly. And a time comes when an object itself is of the size equal to the size of a captured frame. Beyond this limit, it is not possible to increase the speed of the camera.
This is where we begin. Our imaging system captures images at a very high speed without reducing the resolution. Or we get a double resolution as compared to the high speed cameras of any make.

Brochure - PIV Cameras

A Laser Beam Shaping Optics
A beam shaping optics is primarily designed to accommodate itself into our own products - Gaussian corona based velocimetry, Vibrometer, Surface scanner etc. However it is available for sale for the custom customer inspired systems. We provide customized versions of it as per the industrial requirements.

Reference Grids
We can supply a series of reference grids for optical measurement. These grids are references used for comparison with visualized objects and the size of the objects is estimated. Following is the reference grid of 60 microns diameter. We also have an ability and technique to manufacture these grids with some initial cost effective investments. On the left hand side we see a product and on the right hand side the enlarged view of the grid under a high resolution microscope. Special materials can be used to produce this device and these materials could be laminated onto the lenses.

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