Our focus encompasses visualization-based systems, laser-based systems, lighting solutions, precision electro-opto-mechanical mountings, drivers, goniometers, precision traverses, mounts, optics, and laser-based systems. We also engage in R & D for next-generation High-Speed (HS) Surveillance cameras, VHS cameras for metro stations, computer vision microscopy, computer vision microscopes (CVM), and applications in the film and sports industries. Additionally, Object Imaging Velocimetry (OIV) and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) are part of our research endeavors.

Furthermore, we specialize in supplying advanced Laser Doppler systems / Phase Doppler Systems (LD/PD), Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) instruments, data acquisition and processing systems based on proprietary frequency slicing techniques, optical ultra-high frequency vibrometers, R.I. measuring apparatus, instruments for surface finish measurements, LD drivers, high-frequency stroboscopes, strobe drivers, LED drivers, goniometers, precision traverses, and mounts.

Our support extends to beam scan instrument software, LD/PD, PIV, OIV software, computer vision microscopy camera (CVMC) software, and other necessary interfaces. We also offer cutting-edge solutions to the aviation industry, particularly in the realm of dimmable aircraft windows, an area where even present-day aviation industries lack such integrated systems in their aircraft assemblies. Through our innovations in image sensing technology, surveillance, and computer vision, we strive to serve at a pace faster than what is currently available.

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