Systems / Items Description, Specification or Features Remarks Request Quote
Dimmable Aircraft Windows 12.5 inch sized pack of outer pane for fuselage, inner rotating pane, special coating layer that renders the sight from bright to dark, mechanical spinning elements. Rest of the parameters are client dependent that suits and best fits their existing design. Enquire Click
Beam Shaping Optics Its an assembly that renders a circular cross section of laser beam into a Gaussian sheet of different sizes and thicknesses from around 18 microns till 100 microns at focus. Available Click
LD, LED, Strobe drivers For wavelengths of 477nm, 484nm, 514nm, 588nm, 640nm, the drivers have range from 1 MHz-10 MHz, 10MHz-50MHz, 50MHz-100MHz, 100 MHz - 500MHz at a voltage of 12V-20V. Available Click
High Freq. Light Strobes Voltage to vary from 5 volts - 20 volts DC. Available Click
Laser Diodes, LEDs, Laser Strobes Wavelengths available are in the range - 477nm, 484nm, 514nm, 588nm, 640nm with voltage to vary from 5volts - 20 volts DC. Available Click
Filters Band pass filters, Band block filters, IR and UV filters, Flueroscence filters, notch filters, reflective filters, Absorptive filters, Intensity Filters Available Click